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Damaged siding is not only an eyesore, but it also exposes you to harsh weather elements and invites pests into your home or business. Whether your property is in need of repairs, or you are tired of the expensive and difficult process of repainting, we have the products and services you are looking for. For high-quality siding services, turn to the professionals at Painter Roofing and Construction.

We provide reliable repairs and high-quality installations or replacement for customers throughout Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. No matter how small or extensive the damage to your siding is, our team of highly trained technicians can get the job done without cutting corners. Our owner has over 30 years of experience working on all types of siding materials used in repairs as well as in new construction and remodeling jobs. Let us make the exterior of your home or business safe and beautiful again with our siding services.

Types of Sidings We Handle

Whether you need small siding repairs or a completely new installation, we can help. Our team is accustomed to the different damages your siding may have sustained and know the proper way to fix them that will maintain the natural look of your property’s exterior.

If you are looking for a new look for your home, our Arlington siding professionals can also help you choose the materials that will fit your budget and your tastes, and protect your home for many years to come. We offer a wide variety of siding materials for your home or business. Request a free estimate today to discuss your options.

James Hardie Siding

Also known as Hardie Board siding or cement board siding, this material is a low-maintenance, long-lasting siding material for your home. This material is also highly versatile and can be made to appear similar to nearly any other siding material in a variety of finishes and colors. Because it is 90% sand and cement, Hardie Board siding is fire resistant and stands up well to serious storms.

Wood Siding

Wood siding is an incredibly popular choice for many parts of the country. Wood siding can come in a variety of styles and wood types, which can be matched to your home’s existing siding or meet nearly any remodeling look. Wood is much easier to repair and replace small sections if it becomes damaged. In addition to the variety of styles wood siding comes in, it can be painted or stained in nearly any color imaginable.

Aluminum & Steel Siding

Metals such as aluminum and steel are popular siding choices for their durability and resistance to damage. These siding styles have become far more sophisticated and can often mimic the texture of wood while being fire resistant and low maintenance.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is another popular and durable siding choices. It is by far one of the least expensive siding materials available, which can make it attractive to home or business owners who are on a tight budget. It requires very little maintenance and comes in a wide array of styles and colors. Recycled vinyl siding is also an eco-friendly option since it keeps old siding out of the landfill and gives it a new life.

Cement Fiber Siding

This type of siding is another long-lasting and inexpensive option for your home’s exterior. Made of a mix of wood pulp and Portland cement, this siding features good looks, durability, easy maintenance, and affordability. Cement fiber siding can be painted to match your home’s existing color but can be an easy way to freshen up the look of your home.

High-Quality & Reliable Siding Services in Northern Virginia & D.C.

In the case of a siding replacement or new installation, our team at Painter Roofing and Construction can discuss with you the different options that you have for materials and take into consideration your aesthetics, the maintenance requirements, as well as the cost. Our knowledgeable team can go over your options and make recommendations based on your needs and tastes.

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“We had an excellent experience replacing our roof with Painter Roofing & Construction. Customer service was important to us, and they did not disappoint. They were not pushy and were very honest. We are highly satisfied and recommend them without hesitation.”

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“We had an excellent experience replacing our roof with Painter Roofing & Construction. Customer service was important to us, and they did not disappoint. They were not pushy and were very honest. We are highly satisfied and recommend them without hesitation.”

“Painter Roofing & Construction are the best in the business. I've seen their work many times, and have heard nothing but amazing stories from clients about their professionalism and care they put into their work. Frank is an outstanding person who will put you and your needs first.”

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